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April BTS Releases – Runescape

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Another month of updates is coming up for Runescape, so lets take a look what this month has to offer.

Gemstone Dragons
Another high level slayer monster. In theory this look like a good update, but I won’t be able to slay these monsters for a while. With the eventual release of 120 slayer, it is great they are getting starting on releasing monsters for the higher levels to fill in the content gap.

RuneScape Documentary
Sunday April 9th brings the release of the RuneScape Documentary: 15 Years of Adventure. I am looking forward to this premiere. I more than likely won’t be watching it live at 17:30 game time but I will be watching it and reviewing it later on. Having played RuneScape for over 10 year, I am curious to see how this documentary is displayed.

They will be releasing the first portion of this update. Currently, I don’t use the current achievement system too much, but looking at the new design and features I will definitely be trying this out when it is released. I often find myself trying to figure out what to train so the recommended activities features is something that I will be trying out.

March Releases

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Video Games
March 3rd brings the release of the Nintendo Switch with games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Bomberman R. Those are just two of the games I am looking forward to for that system.
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting released on March 7th with Mass Effect: Andromeda being released on March 21st.

The last 3 Fridays in March bring the release of Beauty and the Beast on the 17th, Power Rangers on the 24th and The Zookeeper’s Wife on the 31st.

Some albums I am looking forward to this month are รท by Ed Sheeran and Love and War by Brad Paisley

This is looking like a better month that February.

Xbox Game Pass

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Earlier this morning, Xbox Game Pass was announced to be released this Spring. The ability to have an accessible game collection on demand and be able to try games before I want to buy them.

20% of the purchase of a game will it is included in the game pass, with a 10% discount on add-ons for those games as well. On a normal $59.99 game, a 20% discount would mean at $47.99 game, a savings of $12 a game. After buying more than 1 game a month, the discount works out.

With the continuation of Games with Gold as well, this service is going to make the release of Project Scorpio

I will definitely be purchasing this service. Time to clear my Xbox hard drive and work on my current backlog of games.

E3 Tickets

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E3 tickets were opened up for the public this year. While attending E3 is on my bucket list, this year I will not be trying to get tickets.

With the Xbox’s Project Scorpio being released Holiday 2017, already being announced the biggest reveal for Microsoft is already announced.

Nintendo is already releasing a console before the event, so I also don’t expect anything huge from them.

Sony just released the Playstation Pro recently as well.

I will hedge my bets on nothing major happening this year and wait for another year before trying to get tickets.