Reading Books

As a kid, I hated reading books for some reason. But as I grow older, I am starting to get more into reading. To help me I went and purchased an Amazon Kindle. In my experience whenever I try to read physical books I end up getting bored easily and lose interest and have to come back to the book later. This makes reading unenjoyable for me and takes me forever to read books normally. The logic behind the kindle purchase was I can spend hours on a computer and read articles on a screen so the kindle could simulate that.

With my desire to read more books, I have started using, as a way to track the books and get recommendations for other books to read.

Editorial Calendar – Plugin Review

As stated in a previous post, I have a goal of posting almost every day on this blog. To help me achieve this goal I am using a WordPress plugin to help me aid in this along with my Google Calendar. The plugin I am using is Editorial Calendar. I am able to map out the plan for my blog days to weeks in advance. This plugin has even helped me plan some of my monthly posts I have coming.

Being able to visually see what is coming up for the week is helping me plan what to release for the blog.

Pokémon Go

I have been playing this app on and off since its release date on July 6th. I even bought the Pokémon Go Plus on release day to help me play the game. I have even bought some of its items through the store using the free Google Play money I earned.

Having been a fan of the Pokémon series since its release in the United States, I was excited when this game was first announced. While it hasn’t fully lived up to expectation, it still is a fun game to play when I am traveling.

With the valentines event happening, I am starting to play the game again and look forward to any other events they are going to release.


Hearthstone is a game I am been getting into more and more recently. While I am not big into the lore of Warcraft, I enjoy playing as the many different characters the game has to offer. Currently, my main deck is using Jaina Proudmoore. I have yet to purchase any of the expansion packs yet, but I will most likely purchase them in the future.

In the past, I used to play World of Warcraft after a generous Christmas gift of the battle pack with every expansion pack to date. Currently, I am only missing Legion, as I have let my subscription lapse. In the future, I wish to get more into the lore of Warcraft and play more World of Warcraft to accompany my Hearthstone playing.

When I was younger I played the Pokémon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy Color, so this is part of the reason I like playing Hearthstone. I also reacquired the game on the Nintendo 3DS to relive part of my childhood, but more on that later.

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