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24 hours in a day. 10ish hours at a job a day. 7 hours a sleep a night. Leaving the rest of the time for hobbies, games and life. But even with my Google Calendar keeping me organized, part of that time is still wasted. The to-do lists and wish lists grow with each wasted moment.

Recently I have installed RescueTime on my computers to help me aid in this situation. Limiting my Reddit time, stop the switching between the many different side projects I have going through my mind, and even the waste of time known as social media.

Time is limited, need to use it smarter. Time to narrow my focus and work on my end goal.


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For the past 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the country. Whenever I did travel I have been using Hotels.com to book nights because of their rewards program. Being able to get a portion of my hotel paid for just for booking a hotel is a great thing for my wallet.
Coming soon I plan to post some reviews of the different hotels and places I have been in the past couple of years.
Between TripAdvisor and Hotels.com it is easy to find a great hotel for a good price.

E3 Tickets

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E3 tickets were opened up for the public this year. While attending E3 is on my bucket list, this year I will not be trying to get tickets.

With the Xbox’s Project Scorpio being released Holiday 2017, already being announced the biggest reveal for Microsoft is already announced.

Nintendo is already releasing a console before the event, so I also don’t expect anything huge from them.

Sony just released the Playstation Pro recently as well.

I will hedge my bets on nothing major happening this year and wait for another year before trying to get tickets.

Blog Revenue

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Since this blog was created, I have tried a few different ways to monetize some of the content. While I don’t expect to make a load of money off this blog, I am using different techniques to learn more about the process of monetization for future projects.

Currently, I am using Google Adsense to ran ads on this blog. Granted most of the visitors to this blog will probably be using an adblocker on their browser and won’t see them.

Another way I am using Amazon Affiliate links. I am linking products that I am writing about so it is easier to for visitors to purchase them.

Referral links on posts is another way I am experimenting with. As I learn more, I will adapt the methods and go from there.

Reading Books

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As a kid, I hated reading books for some reason. But as I grow older, I am starting to get more into reading. To help me I went and purchased an Amazon Kindle. In my experience whenever I try to read physical books I end up getting bored easily and lose interest and have to come back to the book later. This makes reading unenjoyable for me and takes me forever to read books normally. The logic behind the kindle purchase was I can spend hours on a computer and read articles on a screen so the kindle could simulate that.

With my desire to read more books, I have started using Goodreads.com, as a way to track the books and get recommendations for other books to read.

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