LastPass – Review

LastPass is a web based password manager that you can install add-ons for your browser so you don’t have to remember passwords anymore. After loading LastPass recently I noticed I had over 200 entries in their database. With the many different computers that I use, this tool and been priceless for me. I even have the mobile application on my android phone so I can access my complex passwords on the go, in case I am away from one of my normal computers. With so many accounts on so on so many sites, I am glad I found this tool to make my online life easier and secure.

Without this tool, I would resort to having uncomplex passwords that I could remember for most of the sites that I use and for the sites that I don’t visit too often I would have to reset the password every time I visit them.

For 1 dollar a month, I will gladly support LastPass for helping my life become easier and secured online.

Click this link to get a free month of LastPass premium.