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Election Day 2017

Happy Election Day!

Even though this year is considered an off-year election, due to no presidential or no Senate and the House of Representatives elections taking place, go out and vote.

Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow, there will be a Solar Eclipse partial visible during my area. For a brief moment, the Moon will be in line with the Sun blocking it from Earth.

According to between 1:11 pm and 3:51pm it will be visible in my area. Hopefully I will be able to witness this when it occurs. If not for the next Solar Eclipse to happen in my area would be June 10th, 2021 and it would be another partial for my area. Maybe in between that time, I might be in a different area and able to view it from a different perspective.

After this Solar Eclipse, the next eclipse would be a partial Lunar eclipse happening January 31st, 2018. And after that another year later on January 20th, 2019 is the next eclipse view-able in my area.

Take a look at and type your location in to see when the next eclipses are in your area.