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WP Remote – Review

To keep up with all the WordPress plugin and core updates on my many different sites, I have been using WP Remote to easily access and update the sites. This site was developed by Human Made Limited.

I also like the Site History feature for each site, so I can easily view what got updated and when so I can monitor changes in my sites.

I have tried other WordPress site management tools but this one is my favorite so far just for its simplicity and ease of use.

Blog Revenue

Since this blog was created, I have tried a few different ways to monetize some of the content. While I don’t expect to make a load of money off this blog, I am using different techniques to learn more about the process of monetization for future projects.

Currently, I am using Google Adsense to ran ads on this blog. Granted most of the visitors to this blog will probably be using an adblocker on their browser and won’t see them.

Another way I am using Amazon Affiliate links. I am linking products that I am writing about so it is easier to for visitors to purchase them.

Referral links on posts is another way I am experimenting with. As I learn more, I will adapt the methods and go from there.

Editorial Calendar – Plugin Review

As stated in a previous post, I have a goal of posting almost every day on this blog. To help me achieve this goal I am using a WordPress plugin to help me aid in this along with my Google Calendar. The plugin I am using is Editorial Calendar. I am able to map out the plan for my blog days to weeks in advance. This plugin has even helped me plan some of my monthly posts I have coming.

Being able to visually see what is coming up for the week is helping me plan what to release for the blog.