To start off on the new year, my wife and I decided to cancel our cable to save some money. We are saving about $80 a month via Time Warner.  We already had a Netflix subscription and WWE Network subscription, so we already had plenty of content to watch besides cable programs. My wife also had an Amazon Prime subscription so we could search for programming on that as well if we couldn’t agree on a Netflix solution.

We also have a habit of watching Twitch streams as well. When my wife and I originally moved into our house we started without cable service for 6 months. We then had cable for about a year. We originally got cable to watch live sports but have decided to give that up.

We are currently in the process of looking into getting an antenna to capture some local channels available of the air.  We are also looking into all the different streaming platforms. Currently we are using our Xbox One and an Amazon Fire Stick. All of our TVs are smart TVs but we don’t really use that function of the TV. We have a Playstation that we could use for streaming options as well but don’t use it that often.

One streaming option we are looking into is the History Vault, but at this time the only place we could watch it is on a computer which currently doesn’t suit of home setup. Although we are looking at Rokus to try so we may be trying History Vault shortly after the Roku.

Here is to a new year and new adventures.

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