f.lux – Review

In my last post you read about my main computer that I use. One program that I use to enhance my experience with it is f.lux. My work on the computer tends to go into the night and bright lights regardless of time of day give me headaches usually.

f.lux is a program that alters the display’s color temperature to reduce eye strain and to help with sleep. Since I used the computer a lot at night, I gave this program a shot and have never looked back. I now have it installed on every computer I use.

One aspect I can’t wait to try out in the future is the Philips Hue LED lighting. Right now I don’t have a Philips Hue system but that is on my list of things to buy and try out this year.

If you don’t trust me read their research about their program. Give it a try for at least a week and see how it works for you. It will take a couple of days to adjust to the monitor.