NA LCS Prediction

With the North American League Championship series starting Friday, I am going to rank the teams as I did with the European LCS teams.

  1. Team SoloMid
    Until proven otherwise, this is still a top team in the league. The bot lane change won’t change too much with this roster.
  2. Counter Logic Gaming
    No roster changes to their worlds lineup. They are still a top tier team.
  3. Cloud9
    They upgraded their jungle role, so I still have them in them in the top 3 based on last years performance.
  4. Team Liquid
    The only concern I have with this new roster is their mid lane. Link in an unknown and Goldenglue hasn’t proven himself yet.
  5. Team Dignitas
    Upgrades at top and jungle, this lineup looks very promising.
  6. Immortals
    Questions in how the bottom lane will function and how Dardoch will work with the top and mid lanes. Pobelter is still a great player though.
  7. Phoenix1
    New mid, bot and support players, while keeping its core. Roster is definitely upgraded though.
  8. Echo Fox
    Major upgrade in the top lane with the addition of Looper. Gate is an underrated player. We will have to see what Froggen will show up this season.
  9. FlyQuest
    Hai’s shot calling is great but the x-factor is LemonNation and his notebook with the new 10 ban system. They will have a great pick/ban phase, but we will have to see if that translates into wins.
  10. Team EnVyUs
    We will have to see how the new jungler changes this lineup, but this is still a lower tier team.