For the past few days, the Hi-Rez Expo has been happening. One of the games featured is Paladins: Champions of the Realm. This game is similar to Overwatch but still is a fun game to play.

The following Reddit post by HiRezTodd, highlights the comparison of Overwatch to Paladins.

A Brief History of Paladins – as response to ‘copy/clone’ allegations from Paladins

Currently, the Founder’s Pack is on sale for this game. This pack unlocks all the champions for the game, along with their standard voice packs, 10 Radiant Chests and you receive an exclusive Beta Skin and mount as well. The game is currently available through Steam or the official website.

I have played both Paladins and Overwatch and each of them has their pros and cons. But if you enjoy Overwatch and never heard of Paladins, give it a try it is free. If you enjoy it, go and purchase the Founders Pack to unlock all the champions.

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