RuneScape Career

As mentioned in a previos post, I purchased the 10-year veteran cape in RuneScape.

So I wanted to give a recap on my career in the game this far. At the time of writing I currently have 188 days of playtime. For having this one account for 10 years that doesn’t seem like a lot but that is due to me taking extended breaks throughout various parts of my career in order to not get burned out from the game. I have been a paying member since June 2008, regardless of any breaks in that time period.

Current list of 99s:

  1. Woodcutting
  2. Fishing
  3. Cooking
  4. Firemaking
  5. Prayer
  6. Mining
  7. Smithing
  8. Crafting

My current total level is 2,399 with  226,339,501 experience which places me in rank 117,381 currently. I also have 318 quest points out of the current 389, which is about 40 quests left currently.

To check out my recent playing activity click this image below. RuneScape stats

In the ten years I have been playing, I have accumulated hundreds of pictures. In the future, I will be sorting those pictures and uploading my RuneScape career via pictures.