WWE Network – Review

When the WWE Network was first released, the only thing I was looking forward to was the monthly pay-per-views that I would now be able to watch at an affordable rate. I have been a subscriber since the launch in February of 2014. At first, I didn’t think I would watch much original programming as the only wrestling content I thought I would consume would be the PPVs. But I have loved the following series.

Unfiltered with Renee Young
Renee Young is a great interviewer so her having her own show is great.

WWE 24
These documentaries have been amazing. The insiders look to WrestleManias have been amazing. I routinely go back and watch the Wrestlemania one to relive the moment. Follow your dreams.

Monday Night War
This was a documentary about the time that I got into wrestling. It was great listening to the story of the war.

Table for 3
Watching 3 superstars relive various stories over a meal. Most of the stories they share are great and entertaining. A candid look at their lives and careers is interesting.

Breaking Ground
A look at the performance center and the performers working there. The sacrifices these people are going through to follow their dreams is inspiring.

Ride Along
Watching superstars travel to the next show sharing stories. I like this for the same reasons as Table for 3.

Bring It To The Table
As of this post they have only made one in this series but I am hoping for more. They asked 2 of the best minds in the wrestling business today their opinion on various topics. Heyman and JBL are gold on the microphone.

Stone Cold Podcast
Listening to Stone Cold interview various superstars is entertaining as well.

There are many more originals and content on the Network to discover. The network has a one-month free trial and I encourage you to check it out. If you wait until January 28th, you watch NXT Takeover, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. The next month you can get Fastlane, NXT Takeover and WrestleMania.