February in Runescape

Jagex released a list of upcoming updates for the month of February for Runescape.

6th – 15 Year Veteran’s Cape/Invention Tools/Valentine’s Event
Having played this game for over 10 years, I can’t wait for this cape to be released.

13th – Valentine’s Timed Event/Double XP Weekend/Game Jam Weekend
I am not a huge fan of the time events with cosmetic rewards, but I will be participating in this event just due to the weekend it is on. The weekend of double experience will be an eventful one, hopefully I can knock out a bunch of levels.

20th – Skillcape Perks
This update seems very interesting. Being able to harness extra ability while not wearing skill capes seems very beneficial.

27th – Mystery Quest
I don’t know much of the quest but the lore recently in the quests have been superb.