LOL Worlds 2017 Pickem – Playoffs

After my last set of picks for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship group stage, here are my picks for the remaining set of games.

SK telecom T1 defeating Misfits Gaming
Royal Never Give Up defeating Fnatic
Longzhu Gaming defeating Samsung Galaxy
Cloud9 defeating Team WE

SK telecom T1 defeating Royal Never Give Up
Longzhu Gaming defeating Cloud9

Longzhu Gaming defeating SK telecom T1

You can view these picks and follow along on the LolEsports website.

Lol Worlds 2017 Pick’Em

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship begins in under 2 hours. Here are my picks for this event.

Group A
1. SK Telecom T1
2. Cloud9
3. Edward Gaming
4. ahq e-Sports Club

Group B
1. Longzhu Gaming
2. Fnatic
3. Immortals
4. GIGABYTE Marines

Group C
1. Samsung Galaxy
2. Royal Never Give Up
3. G2 Esports
4. 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor

Group D
1. Team WE
2. TSM
3. Flash Wolves
4. Misfits Gaming

Once the group stage is completed on Sunday October 15th, I will released my next part of the bracket. This leads to the championship game, which is being played on Saturday November 4th.

September Releases

Another month has arrived, and here are my thoughts about September.
Video Games
Two games releasing this month, I am looking forward to. On September 6th, releases Destiny 2. While I didn’t play too much of the first game, it was a good game and can’t wait to try number 2.
Releasing at the end of the month on September 29th is the SNES Classic and Star Fox 2. Due to high demand and low quantity of consoles, I more than likely won’t be able to purchase one of these but nonetheless and I am looking forward to the release of it.
Pokkén Tournament DX, coming out on the 22nd. A fighting game with Pokemon, not much else to say.

8 – 9/11
22 – Stronger
22 – Battle of the Sexes
29 – American Made

15 – Fall Out Boy Mania
29 – Shania Twain Now

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