RuneScape 2016 in Review

Jagex released a video recapping their 2016 updates and had a player vote of the best updates for the year. These are my thoughts regarding the top 10 updates.

10. Telos
I am not much of a boss hunter, so I haven’t experienced this piece of content myself, but watching streamers attempt this boss was quite entertaining.

9. River of Bloods quest
I haven’t completed this quest yet but it looks like a great end for the Myreque quest series.

8. Beach Party
This was a great social event and a great way to reuse older content.

7. Children of Mah
I haven’t done much in terms of the Sliske quest series, but all the build up around Sliske’s Endgame has been good.

6. The Arc

5. 15th Anniversary Events
Having played this game for over 10 years, this update was a nice little update to celebrate the game. Can’t wait for year 20!

4. God Wars Dungeon 2
The original God Wars was great but unfortunately, I also haven’t tested out this dungeon. This looks like a much better version of the original dungeon.

3. Invention
While I haven’t trained this skill much, this was a great change to the game. Adding the ability to customize weapons and armor is great.

2. Skilling Pets
I haven’t been lucky enough to obtain one of these yet, but I like the look of these pets. My favorite one is Rue the Runecrafting pet.

1. NXT Client
This update made RuneScape look great again. I would consider this on the same level as the Runescape 3 update. This was a massive improvement in the graphics of the game.