Sports Teams

Here is a list of the sports teams that I follow:

NFL: Buffalo Bills
NHL: Buffalo Sabres
I am from the Western New York area, so I follow these teams.

MLB: New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays
I was a big fan of Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada when I was younger so that I have I came to love the New York Yankees. The Toronto Blue Jays come from my following of the Buffalo Bisons, their Triple-A affiliate.

NCCAF: Miami Hurricanes
This school has produced so much talent in football and other ventures. For example, Jim Kelly, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Warren Sapp just to name a few. Lets not forget Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who played football for the school.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers

MLS: Houston Dynamo
Don’t follow soccer as much as the other sports but as this sport grows I look forward to watching its growth.

Following so many sports teams, sometimes it is hard to follow all the games and scores. For this, I use my Google Calendar. In an upcoming post, I will go into detail on how I use Google Calendar to keep up with my sports teams and other life events.